B-MAX’s Ballistic Plates – Product Testing

The folks at Soldier Systems Daily, via Tactical Fanboy, posted video of product testing in progress at B-MAX’s facility in Empoli, Italy. The company’s testing methodology speaks volumes of the confidence in the efficacy and quality of their ballistic plates. The fact testers look like torpedoes for the Genovese Family should not detract from the message.

In the opening few seconds, the tester directs the subject to stand in a specific spot, which could very well be a large piece of Visqueen.

I’ve always said there are very good reasons why Ferrari and Lamborghini are of Italian origin, design and manufacture!

Comparison of B-Max plate VS NIJ Prescriptions

Stand alone plate: front, back and lateral.
Protection Level III A, III A PLUS, III, III Plus: Available in various sizes
Protection Level IV: Under development
Protection for Armor Vehicles and fix installation: Under development

Performance NIJ Standard B-MAX – Panel
BFS (Maximum Blunt Trauma) 44 mm 0-3 mm
Maximum number of shots allowed per Panel 6 shots 20 shots
Minimum shot-to-shot distance 51 mm 10 mm
Minimum shot-to-edge distance 51 mm 31 mm (B-MAX Panel Standard)
Duration 5 years 10 years
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