Crimson Trace Goes Green…

Crimson Trace Corporation has expanded its laser aiming product line with the recent introduction of CMR-203 Rail Master™ Universal Green Laser Sight  and Laserguard® Green Laser. The Laserguard® will be available for a variety of platforms as follows; LG-451 for 1911 full-sized pistols, LG-452 for full size and compact Glock, LG-453 for the Springfield Armory XD and XD(M). The CMR-203 can be mounted on any platform equipped with a Picatinny or Weaver mounting rail.

The introduction of green laser technology marks a turning point for Crimson Trace whose focus has been on developing pistol grips and other accessories around the red aiming lasers and infrared (IR).

Green lasers operate at a wave length where the human eye is more sensitive; therefore, green lasers are more visible, even  in bright daylight. However, unlike red lasers, the green laser diode consumes more power resulting in shorter run times.

If you are accustomed to the red laser Laserguard® and Rail Master™ you’ll experience no change in transitioning to the green laser systems. You’ll have the same great fit and feel.

Ian Harrison with CTC explains…

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