Braddick Defense Systems Joins Forces With Truvelo Manufacturers To Market Sniper Systems

By: Sal Palma

Truvelo Manufacturer’s and Braddick Defense Systems Sniper Division will join forces to market sniper systems to the defense industry. Truvelo of Midrand, South Africa, is known world wide as a manufacturer of accurate barrels. The company designs and manufactures small arms ranging from small caliber up to 40mm.


The joint venture should prove very productive for Truvelo since their market penetration has been limited by the specialized nature of their products. Braddick Defense Systems has the depth and breath to get Truvelo’s product to the defense markets in Africa and the EU.

Truvelo’s Ralf Gebert, director of Truvelo Armoury Division, is optimistic that partnering with Braddick will also open the U.S. market.

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