Ceradyne’s MOHAWK Combat Helmet

Ceradyne first debuted its revolutionary MOHAWK combat helmet at the 2011 AUSA Conference in Washington, D.C..  It was in prototype form at the time. At this year’s AUSA, attendees will see the production model.

MOHAWK is the product of a collaborative effort between Ceradyne Diaphorm, Threat4 and Wilcox Industries. The helmet integrates, ballistic protection, communications, hearing protection, NVG mounting and power distribution all in one package. Ceradyne describes MOHAWK as a seamless and boltless design with superior structural integrity and reduce ballistic penetration.

Although we are excited about MOHAWK, we are always cautious about all-inclusive solutions. I know, that in my time in military service, helmets came off but the headsets stayed on. Which begs the question, does this level of integration create a single point of failure?

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