Ft. Benning’s 2012 International Sniper Competition Draws To A Close.

The Ft. Benning 2012 Intenational  Sniper Competition comes to a close with  Team 8, an SOF sniper team from D CO 2/1 SWTG (A), taking top spot in the service class. The number two spot goes to  Team 12 from 2-19th IN.

Open class top honors goes to Team-21, representing the USAMU. The number two spot went to Team-29 representing the country of Ireland.

The Ft. Benning International Sniper Competition is one of the best and more challenging sniper events. Competitors  from law enforcement, U.S. military units and International teams gather at Ft. Benning to compete and share experiences.

  1. Service class limits sniper teams to compete utilizing only their unit’s assigned sniper equipment according to their TDA/TO&E. Any team that is found to have an excess of custom equipment will be moved to the open class. The USASS has the final say in all equipment matters.
  2. The open class is open to all competitors and is for teams that choose not to use weapons that are  part of a unit’s TDA/TO&E limited to .338 Lapua, 250 grain.

Complete Results

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