Extrema Ratio Introduces A Single-Edge Version Of Its Pugio Combat Dagger.

Extrema Ratio introduced the Pugio Combat Dagger in 2011; today it can be seen as part of many-a-kit in Afghanistan. The knife was an instant success because of its classic dagger design and nothing excels more than a dagger when the chips are down. A reputation earned since before Christ.

Regrettably, a number of countries restrict daggers; Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom to name a few. In order to serve a large demand for its Pugio, Extrema has launched a single-edged version of the legendary combat dagger.

If you are fortunate enough to live in area where a double-edged weapon is not vilified, I strongly recommend that you seek out the Pugio Combat Dagger. However; if you are facing ridiculous restrictions the single-edged Pugio is a combat knife that you should seriously check out.

Superb quality and customer service make Extrema Ratio a top pick for me.

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