SILVER SHADOW’s® Gilboa™ 6,5″ APR™ 5.56mm Pistol

I’m a huge fan of many of the Israeli firearm design concepts. They draw on the years of experience the Israeli military and security sector have, especially in the area of CQB/CQC. SILVER SHADOW® Advanced Security Systems Ltd is one such company that has successfully translated extensive and relevant hands on experience to produce some rather interesting firearm designs, manifested in the company’s Assault Rifle line.

I was particularly impressed with their APR™ Assault Pistol Rifle. The APR™ chambers all variants of 5.56mm ammunition using standard M4/M16 magazines. It’s available in semi-auto or selective fire. The APR™ can be configured as a shoulder fired rifle or, using a quick detachment lever, the stock can be removed to enable handgun style firing.

The APR™ features a patented gas system and recoil spring. SILVER SHADOW® claims the proprietary gas system allows the weapon to run cleaner and cooler. Suppressed operation , particularly in weapons of this length, exhibit an undesirable increase in cyclic rate. APR™’s patented gas system mitigates that risk; making the  Gilboa™ APR™ an ideal weapon for CQB/CQC or for use in mounted operations were space is at a premium. Look for more on SILVER SHADOW’s® Gilboa™ line.

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