Izhmash’s New AK-12 Rifle Has Technical Problems Says Dmitry Semizirov.

Dmitry Semizirov is the general director  of Russia’s Tochmash, more appropriately Nudelman Precision Engineering Design Bureau (KB Tochmash), a leading weapon testing facility.

Director Semizirov commented to RIA Novosti “the AK-12, has shown up a range of problems during initial testing…” but failed to elaborate on the specific failures. He  continued saying,”the trials are ending, they are around 80 percent complete right now, but there are a series of flaws in it…” When asked for specifics on the flaws found, Director Semizirov declined to elaborate claiming  “the developer’s confidential information.”

Izhmash’s General Designer Dmitry Zlobin defended its AK-12 saying, “… it was sent for preliminary trials precisely to highlight all snags and weaknesses in the new development; having received Tochmash’s expert observations, Izhmash’s designers will incorporate any necessary changes to the weapon ready for state trials in the second half of 2013.” Izhmash expects to begin production at the end of 2013.
The AK-12 began life mid-2011. The rifle retains the overall packaging of the AK-74, which has been in service with the Russian Army since the 1970s.

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