A Safety Note Concerning Airsoft Systems

images (3)A number of industry experts and trainers are integrating Airsoft technologies into their lesson plans; this is a good thing. Repetition is at the core of the learning process and Airsoft technology has made that possible in a cost effective and non-lethal way.

Note that all of the safeguards employed in live fire drills must carry over to your Airsoft session so that it becomes engrained. As you understand the limits and technologies surrounding your weapon platforms you should also understand the Airsoft technology to the same level of proficiency.

One area of concern, for us, is the use of gas substitutes. Most airsoft systems run on an inert “green” gas. However, it is possible to purchase adapters to allow you to run on propane. Keep in mind that propane is heavier than air and it will settle at the lowest point in your room. It is highly flammable and its lower explosive limit is about 20,000 parts per million.

Propane is also an asphyxiant; however, concentrations below 20,000 ppm do not represent a health hazard. The gas does not readily dissipate and will accumulate. So, be sure that your training space is well ventilated and that there are no sources of sparks or open flames at or near floor level.

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