PMSCs Grow In Capabilities and Diversity

Readers that have followed my writing already know what my stance is on PMSC,s , Private Military and Security Company. However, for those that are new to this blog, I’ll try to summarize my thoughts for you.

The greatest threat to our safety and national security can be found in the underdeveloped nations of the world. Their inability to establish healthy and vibrant economies play into the hands of warlords, chieftains, terrorists and corrupt politicians. Without an economy to support the indigenous population, these countries increasingly rely on foreign aid; much of which ends up in the wrong hands through defalcation or other means; making it  impossible to elevate people and empower them to take control of their lives. Yet, many underdeveloped nations remain a veritable, untapped, cornucopia of resources, labor and potential markets, but lack of security increases the threat of crime or terror, which ultimately dissuades most enterprise from investing in and establishing a presence in the regions.  Regrettably, it is both inconceivable and impractical to expect a military presence in these countries; hence …  PMSCs to the rescue!

Soon after the emergence of Blackwater International, PMSCs began to play a critical role in securing personnel and corporate assets in areas previously denied or simply too risky to consider viable. Application of private security firms have been making a difference, and the results has been the successful expansion of business in the underdeveloped nations of the world. Once thought to be a collective of gunslingers and bodyguards, private security companies are responding to conditions where military forces are either ineffective or not cost effective.

Over the years Private Military and Security Companies have developed considerable depth and breadth as you’ll see in the Paramount Group video “Who We Are” below.

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