Silincerco’s 5.56 SAKER Is In Production and Will Begin Shipping in 2013.


First announced at SHOT 2012, the SAKER rifle suppressor features three exciting new developments.The MAAD, Multiple Accessory Attachment Device, is an interchangeable centerfire rifle mounting strategy that allows you to interchange the Saker’s mount so that you can attach the Saker to a preexisting quick detach mount. To the customer that means that if you have an AAC QD or Surefire QD you’ll be able to successfully mount the SAKER on your platform without changing your original mount. This is a huge savings in cost and a great gain in flexibility.

The majority of centerfire rifle baffles on the market use Inconel. Silencerco’s SAKER diverges and uses a HOPLON baffle. This patent pending baffle technology protects the Saker’s baffles from erosion thus increasing its durability. Much as armor on an armored vehicle deflects the debris from an IED, the Hoplon Baffle deflects debris and cuts down on baffle erosion up to 90%.

If you’ve been plagued by those annoying little dings on your existing suppressor’s front cap, you can rest easy. Silencerco’s SAKER has a front cap that is threaded on to the welded body, so it be easily replaced or accommodate future enhancements – hum, possibly Silencerco-Saker-06add another baffle (just a guess).

Customer may also choose the company’s TrifectaRS flash hider, which the company proudly claims to be the most advanced quick detach mount on earth. The RS stands for Resonance Suppression which is a patent pending technology that keeps the flash hider from ringing like a tuning fork. The Trifecta uses three prongs of different lengths which eliminates inter-prong resonance.

Web Site: Silencerco

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