ATN’s Odin-14 Thermal Imaging Monocular

American Technologies Network Corp., has introduced the ATN Odin-14 Odin-14 Thermal Monocular, one of the smallest thermal imaging monocular system currently on the market. The Odin-14 uses high-grade polymers and miniature thermal imaging sensor technology, to achieve compactness and light weight.

The Odin -14 features a new, patented technology the Variable Pivot Technology (VPT.), which allows the user to rotate the screen to match the angle of the Odin-14. The VPT comes into action whenever the monocular is helmet or weapon mounted so the screen appears straight as the user moves or the sight moves through the environment.

ATN Odin-14 Standard features in the Odin -14 include the Thermal VOx Vanadium Oxide sensor with the clarity provided by the OLED display in zoom, polarity and color modes. Made to Mil-Spec standards, the Odin-14 is not only compact but very rugged.

The Odin -14 is helmet and weapon mountable by using the ATN PVS014 weapon/helmet mount adapter. Another option available for the Odin-14 is the digital reticle aiming system, similar to what the ATN THOR comes standard with. MSRP is $6,199.00 to $10,199.00 depending upon resolution output.

ATN Odin-14 Helmet ATN Odin-14 Firearm ATN Odin-14 Kit

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