Russia’s Ratnik “Future Soldier Uniforms” Closer To Implementation.

RatnikFollowing France’s foot steps Russia’s military may soon have a fully integrated soldier system designated Ratnik.

Ratnik is a subset of our, now debunked, FCS, Future Combat Systems. This represents a major inflection point in Russia’s approach to its military. Integration of up to 40 discrete components: weapons, ballistic protection, thermal, I2, uniforms and C4ISR is at the heart of Ratnik. Concept testing has been underway for sometime

Ratnik (“Warrior”) comprises more than 40 components, including firearms, body armor, optic, communication and navigation devices, life support and power supply systems and even knee and elbow pads, said the commander of the Ground Forces, Vladimir Chirkin

Ratnik testing is due to continue in April 2013 at the Alabino testing grounds on the outskirts of Moskva. If successful, Ratnik would be the second integration and implementation of a future soldier combat system; just behind France’s Félin.

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