The U.S. Army Will Use LOMAH To Improve Soldier Marksmanship.

LOMAH TargetLocation of hit and miss or LOMAH has successfully completed acceptance testing conducted at Fort Benning, GA and Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

LOMAH was developed by the U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation. PEOSTRI describes the technology as a projectile detection targetry system designed to support basic rifle marksmanship training by tracking rounds fired on or near targets.

Using acoustic sensors, the system detects hits or misses on or within a 2m radius of a target, and transmits the results to an Android-based tablet at the firing point, automatically triangulating the shot group to deliver corrective data to the shooter.

Suited for advanced rifle marksmanship, the system is primarily designed for both the M16 rifle and the M4 carbine featuring iron sights, back-up iron sights, close-combat optic, as well as advanced combat optical gun sights.

My first impression was, “okay, cant you just observe an on target hit when the target drops?” However, LOMAH appears to provide visual point of impact data back to the shooter so he or she can correct fire or make elevation and wind corrections. I’d like to check it out  with some of my own live fire. Let’s see if I can make that happen, so I’ll leave it as “Pretty Cool Idea.”

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