Five Point Plan For The Coming Gun Control Battle.


  1. Take out your checkbooks and make meaningful donations to the NRA. They will need it!
  2. Mobilize! Simply making You Tube videos and tweets won’t help. Start at a local level, your mayors and state officials – several of them have gone on record and refuse to enforce immigration laws. They can do the same thing with firearm bans. Insist that your chief law enforcement officer take on gangs.
  3. Ask your governors to create free enterprise zones.
  4. Work with NSSF to send a loud and clear message to Senate Majority Leader , Harry Reid, that his home state of Nevada won’t see another SHOT SHOW if he supports any legislation infringing on the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens.
  5. Members of the House have two year term limits and many are up for reelection in 2014. Make your voice heard at their level. Include your Senators as well

Remember that the only thing empty barrels do is make noise. We are not going to win this by complaining. The opposition’s intents are clear. We are not 300 Spartans, we are millions of gun owners and law abiding citizens.

“ There is no retreat. There is no surrender. Tonight we dine in hell”

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