Adam Painchaud Takes Me Through SIG’s MPX-C At SHOT SHOW 2013.

Adam Painchaud SIG SAUER MPX

SIG’s MPX-C is an innovative carbine that operates from a closed bolt for accuracy and safety. The operating system is a short stroke gas operated piston making the MPX line highly reliable. The “C” designation stands for carbine. The MPX is field configurable for caliber and barrel length. The MPX supports 9mm, .357 SIG and .40 S&W. SIG’s MPX is magazine fed and will accept 30, 20 or 10 round magazines.The MPX features a 3 position telescoping stock. The carbine has a permanently affixed 9.5” muzzle brake. The carbine can be converted to a suppressed platform buy purchasing the suppressor tube and end-cap from SIG. All controls are M4/M16 compliant so there’s no learning curve to overcome.

Adam is Director of the Sig Sauer Academy, he is concurrently a part-time police officer and special deputy sheriff in New Hampshire. Adam is Army Ranger and Airborne qualified and holds degrees in criminal justice and professional education. He is a master instructor and has spent countless hours providing instruction to various military special operations and federal law enforcement organizations. He is considered among the top instructors in the world for small unit tactics and advanced firearms skills.


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