Surefire Debuts The 2211-B™ Wristlight w/ Luminox


Adding a timepiece to Surefire’s WristLight was a great touch from America’s leading supplier of tactical lighting.

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2 Responses to Surefire Debuts The 2211-B™ Wristlight w/ Luminox

  1. Kale Wright says:

    I just saw this picked as the Editor’s Choice in RedBull’s magazine “The Red Bulletin” and have tried to find it online. One site said it was “No longer available,” leading me to believe it had been available but no longer manufactured. Apparently they don’t have a “Not yet available” option. Did SureFire give any indication as to when this might hit the market? Even better, have they identified a target price point? Thanks!


    • Kale the Surefire Luminox 2211 began shipping right around April of 2013, so it’s been out for 9 months. However, I don’t think it’s available any longer. You may want to go online to see if a retailer has one in stock but they’re no longer available from Surefire. It was a great looking piece of kit don’t you think?
      Keep reading the blog because over the next week, I’ll be writing about a new watch from Luminox that rocks. Thanks for commenting!


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