HK Introduces The HK MP7A1-UTM At SHOT 2013

Heckler & Koch has added the HK MP7A1-UTM to its line of training products. The UTM is a non-lethal variant of its hugely popular MP7A1 PDW, which fires a 4.6mm round. The UTM designation stands for Ultimate Training Munitions, which manufacturers a non-lethal paint marker round that the company calls MMR or Man Marker Round. The MMR is completely safe to use with a minimal amount of protection and offers tangible benefits:

  • Live Round Lockout, preventing “live” rounds from being fired while the weapon is converted to UTM.
  • Realistic cyclic rates in semi-automatic and automatic weapons which match that of “live” fire.
  • Typical 9mm Accuracy: 50mm (2ins) extreme spread at 10m (11yds), dependent on caliber and weapon variant. Typical 5.56mm Accuracy: 75mm (3ins) extreme spread at 25m (32yds), dependent on caliber and weapon variant
  • Muzzle energy with an average of less than 3ft/lbs.
  • A choice of marking colors: red, white, blue, yellow, and green.
  • Minimal noise and emissions.
  • Simple clean up, UTM MMR’s are not considered hazardous waste.
    • The wax based marking compound can be easily removed from fabric by washing with laundry detergent in a washing machine; hard surfaces can be simply wiped clean.

The MMR round can be used in any setting without regards to barrier penetrations or adverse environmental effects.

HK’s MP7A1-UTM will not chamber or fire live ammunition making it an excellent choice for any training scenario including force-on-force.


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