What’s Up In February…

SHOT SHOW gets better every year with increasing participation and a veritable cornucopia of innovation, so we are far from complete with SHOT SHOW 2013 coverage, which will feature an excellent photo gallery.

I’ll also have a couple of reviews on interesting new products with high utility. Economists define utility as the total satisfaction received from consuming a good or service; one in particular is high on utility for me.



Knife sharpening is an art form, and be completely assured that many a’ blade have been ruined through careless or inexperienced sharpening. The folks at WorkSharp know this, so they’ve introduced the Guided Field Sharpener. It’s high on features, quality and design, and I’m sure it will be high in utility for many of you.

We’re also finalizing arrangements to give you an inside look at some high end Image Intensified technology that I know  you’ll enjoy.

So, stay with us and keep sharing your questions and comments…

Sal Palma

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