NEW LONG RANGE Marksmanship Firearm Training System

OutWest Systems, Colorado Springs, CO launched a new and affordable LONG RANGE, high-tech, marksmanship training system for shooters anywhere.

The OCAT Advanced Long Range Marksmanship System is a revolutionary firearm training tool that will work inside a residence (laser mode) or at the rifle/pistol range with live ammunition and at ranges in excess of a mile if so desired!

Shooters can:

  1. Set targets almost anywhere in any scenario (assuming safety is the first consideration)
  2. Use with any type of target (paper, steel swingers, pop cans, prairie dogs, etc.) and see hits live on the computer screen..
  3. Place targets a mile distant if so desired and view them as if they are ten yards away.
  4. Eliminates the need for spotters (shooters can see hits on the actual target by themselves)
  5. Eliminates the need for specialized ranges (you set up anywhere where safe and legal)
  6. Now accurately and instantly learn how to read the effects of wind and mirage on the last shot fired, this is especially important at ranges over 200 yards.
  7. Track and record all shots fired for immediate or later review
  8. Track both firearm and ammunition performance

Basics of operation:

Reel out the fiber optic cable and attach to the camera and shooter’s spotting scope near the target (25-75-yards). Attach fiber optic cable to the supplied conversion box and to the laptop’s USB port at the firing line. Start the OCAT System program and begin firing. Hits appear on the screen and are saved for later analysis. The computer can be set to ignore bullet holes and plot new hits so it is not necessary to travel down range to patch existing holes unless the shooter keeps shooting through the same bullet hole–a little tough to do at say 1,000 yards.

Basic long range system with 1,000 yards of cord

Image shows:

Basic system with 1,000 yards of fiber optic cord.

The system may be used to run several targets though the included pan and tilt mechanism that fits between the tripod and scope and allows camera and scope movement. Using the computer at the firing line through the optic cord the shooter can pan the scope up to 140 degrees with 15 degrees of elevation or depression allowing the shooter to set up several targets at the same range.

The OCAT System program immediately analyzes the last shot fired and provides instant verbal and visual feedback including location, order of shot and even the timing of each shot when firing at paper targets. The OCAT System may also be set to give additional types of feedback of shots depending on your needs and request of the system. After that group’s firing is completed the system can calculate the last group fired or all of the groups fired if so desired and more. After all firing target information and images are automatically saved for later analysis at the click of a button.

The OCAT System Advanced Long Range Marksmanship Unit turns any expanse of earth into a long range shooting facility that will accomplish what pit pulled paper target range can do and more as the range with this system is nearly unlimited and can be set up anywhere from a barren desert to a tree packed forest and function with a near unlimited variety of targets.

The MSRP for the basic one range system which includes the program, camera, computer, conversion box, 1100 yards (for this price example) of fiber optic cord and the recommended Celestron scope is $6,500 or $6,000 (without the laptop computer). Obviously less fiber optic cord is cheaper and more is more expensive.

If the highly-recommended Celestron scope (due to superior clarity) is deleted and the shooter uses their own scope this reduces the price by $100.00. The company markets these long range units as custom packages and will meet the buyer’s specific needs (number of shooters and range specifications and distances) by calling 855-697-6228 or emailing

OutWest Systems, Inc.

5037 List Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80919-3321


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