GLOCK ID Shatters Initial Enrollment Goals of 10,000 Participants.

When Glock Inc. launched GLOCK ID, little did they know that in a relatively short period of time enrollments would far exceed their ambitious goal of 10,000 participants. In response to this overwhelming demand, the company has expanded its pre-launch registration quota to 20,000.

Those who pre-register before the launch date earn the exclusive “Early Adopter” patch and benefit from a head-start on earning points. Within the first week of pre-registration, followers on Twitter began using the hashtag #1of10K, which continued for two weeks. Pre-registrants will still receive an “Early Adopter” patch; however, it will be worth slightly fewer points than the patch awarded to the first 10,000.

GLOCK ID offers members several key components:

  • a virtual gun safe to keep track of range time, cleaning dates and more;
  • training lessons;
  • a community Q&A for peer discussion;
  • an engaging process for earning points and ‘patches’ to rank up and earn GLOCK rewards.

GLOCK ID members have the opportunity to contribute and participate with other GLOCK enthusiasts while earning points, which ultimately lead to GLOCK rewards that can only be earned by interacting with GLOCK ID and its members.

The ranks and rewards structure encourages competition and engagement. By participating in various activities (watching a training video, answering fellow members’ questions, logging time at the range, etc.), members of GLOCK ID can earn patches. Those patches translate into points, which then designate a member’s rank within the community. Finally, those rank levels determine tangible rewards from GLOCK.

By the way, as part of the registration process you have a chance to be entered for a chance to win a recorded personal voicemail message from The Gunny!

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