Walther’s PPX M1SD


Most of the tactical pistols on the market tend to be full frame bulky side arms. Walther’s PPX breaks that mold with its compact and very ergonomic PPX M1SD. The PPX M1SD comes with an extended barrel ready for suppressed operation; it’s currently available in 9mm only with a 16 round magazine capacity. Like the rest of the PPX family the SD is hammer fired double action only. One feature that I really like is the absence of a spur, which can get fouled on clothing or load bearing equipment. The double action trigger is excellent, very clean and smooth, with a trigger pull of 6.5 pounds. The slide stop is extended and ambidextrous, as is the magazine release. Walther has upheld its reputation for the most comfortable grips on the market. The grip fills the hand very nicely with an excellent back strap and palm swells. The aggressive beaver tail rests the frame nicely on the hand.

Now for the good news. M.S.R.P. will be right around $500.

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