CARACAL F Quick Sight



I’m often asked what I recommend for home defense, which prompts my usual response of “get what you can control.” I have to admit that I’m not consumed by caliber selection; however, I’m intimately familiar with the importance of being able to come out of your holster and successfully engage your target with as few shots as possible. It is paramount to success in defensive shooting.

There are two important points to take with you from my last statement, control and accuracy or shot placement. Of those, control is greatly influenced by the weapon’s design and balance. Not withstanding all else, CARACAL has done an exceptional job of designing a frame and grip that from the start gets you straight to control. In fact, were I married, my wife would own a CARACAL F Quick Sight. This pistol was designed for defensive open or conceal carry. The grip has an excellent backstrap and palm swells that sits in the hand quite comfortably; especially in smaller hands. I can’t say enough about that.

Another brilliant touch is sight placement; CARACAL places the rear sight forward of the ejection port. I wish I had video of the contortions that shooters go through to get sight alignment. My favorite is the throwing of the hips forward with a hellacious arch in the back. I took my index finger and pushed on the shoulder of one individual, and with little or no energy expended, I was able to throw him off balance. If you’ve studied Judo you know that “kuzushi” is paramount to any combat scenario. If you’re off balance you loose. It’s that simple. CARACAL addressed that sight alignment issue by drastically reducing the sight radius. “That’s bad for accuracy”, you say. Yes that’s true and you end up with a larger cone of fire at 25 yards, but defensive shooting takes place within 7 yards and your focus is not sight alignment. Rather, situational awareness and shot placement is what will win the day. You need to identify and assess your threat and you can not do that if you’re thinking about sight alignment.

There are numerous excellent choices for defensive pistols on the market but the CARACAL F Quick Sight has it all together from the ground up. It’s reliable and controllable with exceptionally well thought-out features, and an 18 round magazine capacity. It’s also yours for under $500.

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