In 2013 Leica’s Geovid HD-B Will Feature An Internal Ballistic Calculator.

Leica’s Geovid HD-B is the company’s premier range finding binoculars available in 8 x 42 or 10 x 42. The new Geovid HD-B has a built in ballistic calculator. The range finder supplies barometric pressure, altimeter, range and temperature to the ballistic calculator. The Geovid then draws on an internal database of common calibers and bullet weights. The user also has the option to upload data for a specific load using a microSD card.


The optics on the 10 x 42 Geovid HD-B’s that I had a chance to checkout at SHOT are superb – typical of all Leica optics.


To develop a custom database, the user navigates to a Leica Ballistic Calculator Page, select Custom Load tab and enter all of the pertinent details. The ballistic calculator develops the ballistic data which can be downloaded and saved to a microSD card for use on the Geovid HD-B.

Technical Specifications

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