Please Tell MIL-SPEC Monkey What You Think.

MIL-SPEC Monkey is a CA Home Boy, who is probably one of the most unpretentious people on the planet. His every step is an expression of cool. Many of his moral patches can be seen in the darkest corners of the planet. He doesn’t do it for fame or glory, or even chicks. He does it because he loves it. I searched around for him at SHOT 2013 but couldn’t find him; however, I did run into Turtle Man, which made my day. Back to the Monkey.

MIL-SPEC Monkey is toying with the idea of launching MSM branded Nalgene bottles and he wants to know what art work you prefer. Now, all bottles will be displaying genuine MSM art work, so you know your getting the best.

Go to his site and let your voices be heard   Vote


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