Arc’teryx LEAF Knee Caps

I’ve been spending some time getting familiar with the Arc’teryx’s LEAF products from both the technical side as well as esthetics. They are undeniably top-of-the-line with a corresponding price.

Whenever I encounter high end products, and I don’t mean just $20 or $40 more, I always revert to my business school training and ask the question: “does the incremental increase in cost provide at least a 1:1 incremental increase in utility?” In non technical terms, am I getting what I’m paying for? P1000806

I decided to plunge into this adventure by attempting to resolve, what I had accepted as a fact of life, which is that all knee pads are destined to slide off your knee and end up at your ankle where they serve no useful purpose. So, I ended up picking up a sample of Arc’teryx’s Knee Caps, which is part of the company’s LEAF line, to answer the question: “does marginal cost equal marginal utility?” It did for me…

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2 Responses to Arc’teryx LEAF Knee Caps

  1. corsair says:

    While I’m a fan of Arc’Teryx, and a user of a range of their gear, I’ve found Black Diamond’s Telekneesis pads a better fit than the Dead Bird’s Caps. Both are designed for tele-skiers in mind, meaning low profile, articulation, protection and low-mass. Obviously everyone’s knee’s are a bit different so find what works. As a shooter, tele-skier, climber and all-round outdoors person, I like BD’s pad over the Dead Bird.
    Check ’em out:


  2. 7523 Marine says:

    I agree with Corsair…
    I have worn both and BD’s seem to offer more range of motion, or perhaps best said as…BDs feel less restrictive.
    Likewise, I’m a daily user of gear from the Bird.


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