Tell Me If This Makes Sense…

Recently, we’ve seen a rash of public trust funds, from blue states, divest themselves of investments in firearm manufacturing businesses. More recently, CalPERS, the country’s largest public pension fund, announced that it would divest its holdings in Smith and Wesson and Ruger. An odd decision since Smith & Wesson is trading at a price to earnings ratio of around 11 with $0.83 earnings per fully diluted share. What the heck is going on here folks?

Access to capital is crucial to the success of any business and I’m deeply troubled by the fact that organizations, who are essentially influenced by their respective States, are working in concert to destroy a business sector. Classical example is the recent decision by Colorado to pass HB13-1224 limiting standard magazine capacities; all in the interest of public safety. Yet, they’ve legalized marijuana. I guess if you’re stoned you’re not a public safety hazard. Really? Somewhat inconsistent don’t you think?

Maybe, what the rest of America should do – at least the ones that haven’t lost their minds yet – is ask your elected official, state and local, not to purchase bond issues from states and municipalities that infringe on the 2nd Amendment rights of its citizens. Extend that challenge to your financial institutions, fund managers, IRA and 401K managers.

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  2. BLUF, I believe that SOME firearms companies engage in questionable marketing (zombies, man card, blah blah blah. And I hold views that may be incompatible with those of 2A fundamentalists. But I’m a shooter nonetheless–who used to be in CalPERS. I believe their divestment in S&W is an example of knee-jerk, feel-good, pseudo-progressive non-thinking that is evidence of a more pernicious extremism. If i were (still) in CalPERS, I would remind them that S&W makes firearms for SEVERAL California state agencies, and takes their role as a manufacturer of personal safety/personal defense equipment VERY seriously. There will ALWAYS be a need for guns, and S&W is an example of a responsible corporate citizen worthy of ANY investment portfolio. By failing to think with clarity, CalPERS is detracting from the discourse, not enhancing it.


  3. SShink says:

    …of course it doesn’t make sense, to us…but we have to stop talking amongst ourselves and get out there and get in their faces (like the left does).
    We are now dealing with people that don’t play by the same rules that we do…they’re devoid of morality, integrity, honor and respect. We have to unfortunately play a different game with them. With their thorough stranglehold on the media, we are at an almost insurmountable disadvantage. It’s either got to get ugly, or we’ve got to bend…no other option.


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