EOTech 300 Blackout/Whisper Zero



You can always count on the L3 / EOTech team to come up with a straightforward and functional weapon sight. For 2013, the company has introduced the 300 Blackout /Whisper Zero weapon sight; as its name implies, this weapon sight was designed to support the tremendously popular .300 Blackout caliber.

The highly versatile .300 Blackout comes in two flavors; the full powered load, with an effective range out to 500+ meters, or its subsonic counterpart, effective to a range of 150 meters. I’ve shot the subsonic .300 AAC Blackout to 250 meters with acceptable accuracy but 150 meters is optimal. It’s not just a fantastic tactical load, it’s also ideally suited for those 200+ pound hogs you get in Alabama.

P1000363With the traditional magnified optic arrangement, you end up having to re-zero as you move from one load to the other. This is time consuming and frankly not too practical for a tactical application. The folks at EOTech have addressed this need quite elegantly with its new 300 Blackout /Whisper Zero. Simply zero  the sight with a load of your choice and you’ve zeroed the weapon for all loads. Here’s how that works.

Using a full powered load zero your sight at 100 meters, using the top dot. Now if you need to engage a target at 300 hundred meters simply use the lower dot as your holdover. If you need to switch to a subsonic load the top dot is a 50 meter zero and the bottom dot is your holdover for a 150 meter target; for ranges in between those given, simply interpolate. Now, for optimal flexibility,  throw EOTech’s 3x magnifier behind the 300 Blackout /Whisper Zero and you’ll have a weapon sight tailored for the 300 Blackout that is suitable for a variety of applications.

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