Yellow Jacket™ iPhone 4 Case


iPhone 4/4s owners, if you’re looking at a case for your iPhone that is both practical and stunning, you’ll want to read my March review of  Yellow Jacket’s™ Smartphone Stun Gun Case. Protect your phone and defend yourself with a whopping 640KV.

I can’t think of a better child or spouse control tool, can you?

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4 Responses to Yellow Jacket™ iPhone 4 Case

  1. sabasarge says:

    But can you get on an airplane with it?


    • Great point! I’ve got a call to TSA so we’ll find out and I’ll include that concern in my review. You can’t get a family size tube of tooth paste on a flight these days so you may very well be correct.

      Thanks for the great comment.


  2. smilo says:

    from where can i pay it, there is a lot of assholes here :D


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