LASERLYTE® LT-223 And Reaction Tyme™ Trainers


I’m getting a little ahead of myself with this post but I want to get you thinking about it now. We’re all suffering through this crazy ammunition shortage driven by panic buying. Making matters worse, there are a number of retailers in the market that are taking advantage of the situation, and their customers, with near criminal price gouging.

The folks at  LASERLYTE® have a slightly different thought in mind and for 2013 they have added some new products to their training repertoire. The LT-223, which can be described as laser ammunition for your .223 platform and the Reaction Tyme targets.

I’m currently working on a comprehensive review, which will be available in April, but in the meantime you can address the majority of your training needs, in the comfort of your home, with the addition of LASERLYTE® laser training products to your bag of tricks. Check it out!

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