Three Connecticut Based Firearm Manufacturers Run Local Ads.

The anti-gun movement, successful or not, will earn its place in U.S. History right next to Watergate, Prohibition and the Repeal of the  First Bank of the United States. All of which serve to prove Galbraith’s “If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error.”

First the State of Colorado, one of America’s bastions of liberalism, all of which, by the way , comes from the Denver and Boulder areas, is doing its best to run out of town well over 1,000 jobs and several million dollars per year in economic benefit to a number of communities; not to mention shrinking their tax base. All in the interest of public safety but choosing instead to sanction gangs and drug users.

Following in Colorado footsteps, the State of Connecticut is now considering more stringent gun control measures and in the process damage three firearm manufacturers with histories dating as far back as 175 years; they are Colt Manufacturing Company, O.F. Mossberg & Sons and Stag Arms. These highly regarded and reputable firms account for over 1000 high paying direct jobs, and an equal number that is part of their supply chain.

All three companies and their employees have taken out local ads to tell their story. They are worth watching. Hopefully, Coloradans and Connecticuters will see through the smoke and make well thought out decisions.

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