Yellow Jacket™ iPhone 4 Stun Gun Case – Review

P1000934Let there be no doubt in your minds that we’re living in defining times for our great nation. The Second Amendment is under assault by individuals who believe that law abiding citizens do not have the right to defend themselves in and outside their homes.

The responsibility to protect yourself, family and home rests with you and no one else! It is only elected officials, entertainers and media elites with unrestricted access to bodyguards and protection services who assume that police are there to protect. Two faced? I think so, and nothing is further from the truth.

I also recognize that not everyone will want access to a firearm, as a matter of personal choice, and that too is your right. For those with that mindset, you may want to consider a less than lethal approach to self-defense. It is for you, that Yellow Jacket™ developed their iPhone 4/4s case.


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