Extrema Ratio’s New Offerings From IWA 2013

Extrema Ratio Doberman 4

Photo courtesy of Frédéric Combe

The designers at Extrema Ratio have, over the years, impressed me with an ability to improve on perfection, which is the reason I consider their combat knives to be some of the best in the world. One of my all time favorites is the Doberman III, which discontinued around 2006, has a faux Tanto point that simply rocks. It’s not a full Tanto profile but in the Doberman III Extrema preserves the Tanto prowess; without the sharpening idiosyncrasies. For 2013 they added a Doberman IV, which preserves all of the impressive attributes of its distinguished lineage but in a subtle clip point. This is a combat knife through-and-through!

Extrema Ratio Push Dagger

Photo courtesy of Frédéric Combe.

Extrema brought out a push dagger for 2013, which they market as the SERE 1; it is lightyears ahead of its Executive EX2, which had a farm tool presence to it. The SERE 1 is strictly business.


Frédéric merci pour les fotos!

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