Desert Tech Covert SRS-A1 Covert

Jake of Desert Tactical Arms was kind enough to hold a pose for me.

One of several problems that have plagued military and agency snipers is their unique silhouettes, revealing their presence, but more importantly exposing them to direct fire. Snipers are historically a prized target for enemy combatants; therefore, anything that can be done to diminish their characteristic signature has to be seriously considered.

I had the opportunity to fire the Desert Tech SRS-A1 Covert Rifle at Ft. Benning, GA during the International Sniper Competition. I was extremely impressed with its footprint and overall design. During my test firing, I expected recoil to be heavier than what it was; however because the rifle’s center mass is much closer to the shooters body recoil felt minimal. I was making consistent hits right at 1100 yards. From a distance, the DTA SRS-A1 Covert looks no different than an M4 so snipers or designated marksmen do not stand out like a sore thumb.

If you have not had the opportunity to conduct a serious evaluation of Desert Tech’s entire line, you should. Everything from the interchangeable calibers to its outstanding bull pup chassis works extremely well. Since it was founded by Nick Young in May of 2007, Desert Tactical Arms has grown into a full service turnkey provider. Today the company manufactures rifles, ammunition, suppressor and delivers training.

My thanks to Jake of Desert Tech who was kind enough to hold a pose for me.

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