StressVest ™, World ’ s First Non-Projectile Force on Force Training System


You often hear the term reality based training batted around as the new training Nirvana . It’s really a mischaracterization because there’s no level of training that can come close to reality. Reality is a huge variable, which you generally cannot control to a great extent, so the best you can hope for, in a training scenario, is for your trainee to internalize skill sets so that implementation is intuitive; based on a trainees own assessment of his or her reality.

Having said that, technology has empowered us with the ability to regulate the training environment in both frequency and complexity. What was once taught in steps can now be concatenated, or chained, to create a fluid scenario.

Technology has also dramatically reduced costs. Organizations that invest in these technologies will be able to increase training frequency and intensity, as well as reduce costs, by reducing travel, facility costs and ammunition costs.

It is true that computer and laser based training has come of age, and next month, I’ll be reviewing laser based training products that you can use at home and will have a marked improvement on your performance. The economics unfolding from these technologies are significant and irrefutable – paybacks typically run 3 or 4 range sessions depending on how you train.

One such system is the StressVest™, designed, marketed and sold  by Stress Vest, Inc., Winnipeg, Canada.

sv-activate2The StressVest™ is a laser based concept. The system consist of a laser enabled weapon, a vest receiver and head sensor and what the company calls StressX™ PRO Belt, but I’ll call a trainee instantaneous feedback module.

Utilizing this system, force-on-force training takes on a new dimension. Laser impact to center mass on the vest receiver will result in a signal being sent to the belt, which in turn  delivers an annoying vibration or a hefty electric shock. The StressX™ PRO Belt is programmable and works on a wireless connection with the vest receiver. Both belt and vest receiver can be worn under a garment adding reality to the training scenario.

Costs? Roughly $2500 for a one person kit and about $500 for a laser dedicated pistol. Training may also be implemented using actual weapons equipped with laser inserts. Nominal, when you consider the cost  and safety related issues of projectile based training in today’s economy.



1080 Kingsbury Avenue

Winnipeg, MB, Canada R2P 1W5

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