First Light USA Tomahawk NV TRS

Tomahawk NV

First Light USA is one of a few select contractors on the PEO Soldier 2013 Catalog, which means its illumination products meet all of the modernization objectives set forth by the U.S. Army in the soldier illumination tool modernization initiatives. So, take that MX-991/U you’ve been carrying and use it for mood lighting in your hooch. You may even want to make a table lamp out of it,

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I’m pretty impressed with the red/green mix. It works extremely well for the medical side of the house and it also has exceptional map reading and navigation application. Take a look at the picture below. This is the Jacksonville sectional, which covers Tampa as well. This picture was taken in total darkness only illuminating the chart using the red/green combination in low power. I experienced no loss of night vision.


Aviation sectionals are as detailed and in some cases more so than your topological maps. Take a look at the detail, for example the double tepees, which indicate cluster obstacles like a clump of buildings. Take a look at the radials, NOTAMs (Notices To Airmen references).

If you click on the picture you can expand it. Good to go for aviation and land nav. I’m going to go out and check the light signature one of these nights and I’ll update this post with my findings.

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