Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons (EMP) Are Closer Than You Think.


Long a favorite of Hollywood screen writers and movie makers is the energy weapon. These devices, referred to in the trade as EMPs or Electromagnetic Pulse weapons, are much closer to production than you think. All of the major economies are actively developing the technology; for example, Boeing’s EMP drone,CHAMP, is capable of flying over an AO and disrupt communications and systems (routers, servers, gateways, etc.). The Israelis have also developed an EMP, Netline’s Portable Jammer Packs. Its about 3 times the size of the M67 fragmentation grenade, which when planted and activated will disrupt all forms of communications.

What makes EMPs such a desirable tool is that they can be used “without incurring the loss of human life.” I place that in quotes because eukaryotes, which is the cellular organization that makes up human life, relies on a difference in electrical potential between the cellular milieu and the cell membrane. It is conceivable that a more highly developed EMP will shut down cellular activity. So, you’ll be happy to know that we may not have to scrape your intestines off a wall; instead we’ll simply find you with the ON/OFF switch in the OFF position.

If EMPs enter the scene in significant numbers you will see an acceleration in light based technologies. Light is impervious to electromagnetic artifacts. Imagine a computer’s processor operating with a photon rather than an electron, or an I/O buss running on fiber optics. We live in exciting times.


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4 Responses to Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons (EMP) Are Closer Than You Think.

  1. bwjones says:

    Nonsense… You are not killed by lying in the bore of an MRI up to many Tesla in strength. In fact, if the magnetic fields are strong enough, you can levitate living things like frogs and they still function and live just fine. Where EMP devices *are* dangerous to biological entities is when they fry the electronics of an aircraft or automobile or result in the shutdown of power grids… where death would be secondary to some accident. But even tremendously powerful EM fields are not lethal and certainly nothing that would blow your intestines up against a wall.


    • Thanks for your post BUT…. I’m going to disagree with you Bryan. This is an excerpt from “The Long Term Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation”:

      Electromagnetic radiation causes tissue damage by releasing electrons in the cells, called ionization. This is bad. Your body needs electrons to function properly. Possible damages from the low level radiation over time can cause digestive problems which can cause abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, it can alter and mutate DNA.

      They were discussing low level EMF, a pulse in the Mega Watt range will pull the plug on cell function. In fact, it may even bring to a screeching halt the phosphorylation of ADP to ATP, which is a show stopper; never mind DNA mutations. Part of the problem is the lack of statistics on the subject BUT from what I’ve seen the coefficient of determination is sufficient to merit continued study.


    • Thanks, I’ll check it out, but keep in mind that this was the same organization which said agent orange was not carcinogenic. So, let’s just say that the jury is still out on the subject and that it needs more work before we can eliminate it as a concern. Thanks for your posts and have a great Easter Sunday.


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