300 Blackout Presentation


While at SHOT Show 2013, I happened by the Daniel Defense exhibit to check out their new 300 Blackout rifles: V5-300, V7-300 and ISR-300. Typical Daniel Defense, top of the line. In the process, I ran into a “sand crab”, Naval terminology for civilian employee, and I made the mistake of expressing the merits of the 300 Blackout. He immediately goes tilt and starts ripping me a new ass saying that the enhanced M855 had better performance and that he had access to data that I did not have. Now, mind you, at no time did I suggest his organization abandon the enhanced M855 for the 300 Blackout, nor did he tell me where his data came from. However, it was clear to me that out of the box thinking may be absent in the military planning and evaluation processes.

The 300 Blackout is a tool; like anything else it  most definitely has its place regardless of this guy’s data. Its beauty is that you gain 30 caliber performance with no changes to the weapon system except for a barrel change; magazine, bolt and bolt carriers, buffers, springs, et. al. stay the same.

The 300 Blackout story gets even better for suppressed operation.

Robert Silvers of Advanced Armament Corporation has put together an excellent presentation designed to inform the community on the 300 Blackout. His data is good as are his methods and summary.

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