SOFIC-2013 Rogue Gunfighter LVR and High Threat Concealment

I’ve said this a million times over. If you are not an NDIA member you are missing the boat. If you want to be synchronized with USSOCOM requirements you need to become an NDIA member and you need to attend the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, in Tampa, Fl. So, I was glad to see folks from Tactical Assault Gear (TAG) present and exhibiting at this very prestigious industry conference. TAG is a great organization and are continuously adding to an already diversified tactical product line. While perusing their stand, I spied with my own eyes two very interesting offering.

First was the Rogue Gunfighter LVR. If you’re not familiar with the LVR it is superbly discrete and compact carrier. This vest is highly configurable; offering a cummerbund that functions as an M4 magazine pouch. The LVR offers a number of other features, for example the well thought out cable channels. The LVR is manufactured by LC Industries.

Without any armor, it weighs 3.2 lbs and with cut soft armor, which


gets you to Level IIIA, you’re looking at 6.2 lbs. You have to love that.

The picture on the left gives you a good feel for the vest’s profile. Very discrete.

Also of interest was High Threat Concealment’s (HTC) Low Profile System. Both pistols and magazines are held close to the body for a very low signature conceal carry platform.

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