SOFIC 2013–Rogue Gunfighter


The folks at TAG and Rogue Gunfighter gave me a sneak peek at their new “No Vis” medical kit. Unlike the traditional approach, which calls for wearing an individual medical kit on your belt or vest, Rogue Gunfighter’s med kit fits around your ankle covered by your pant leg. The “No Vis Ankle Med Kit” uses hook and loop attachment; the back side is padded and covered in a durable soft mesh fabric for comfort and ventilation.

When it hits the shelves in 30 days, the No Vis Ankle Med Kit will be available as a pouch or a complete individual medical kit with SOF Tactical Tourniquet, Trauma Shears, Combat Guaze, etc. I’m sure the actual contents will vary depending on market requirements but you’ll have most of the basics.

My one area of concern remains the eventuality of traumatic amputations, which could potentially leave the operator without a means to manage his or her  injury.

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