SOFIC 2013–S&S Precision Stalker MPTV


There is an amazing amount of James Bond(ish) technology at SOFIC and this year is no different. I have no doubts that “Q” would turn green with envy. One such item is S&S Precision’s MPTV (multi-purpose tactical vehicle). This vehicle can be flown or driven. Lift is accomplished by deploying an airfoil canopy.


Propulsion (land and air) is provided by a 5 blade fixed pitch propeller. Operating the vehicle does not require pilot training; however, prospective buyers will undergo a 30 day training program.

Operating parameters:

  • 27 mph take off speed
  • 156 mph max ground speed
  • 61 knots max air speed
  • 250 feet of runway to get off deck
  • 3 weapon attachment point
  • 869 pounds
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2 Responses to SOFIC 2013–S&S Precision Stalker MPTV

  1. Has this vehicle made its debut flight yet? If so, when was it made? If not, when will it be made?

    I believe both the Maverick and the SkyRunner use the same principles of flight as the S&S Stalker. But have you also seen the AeroMobil and the PD-2? I believe all those vehicles can be found on Facebook.

    I am featured on the BBC website and anxious to bring my weblinks to everyone’s attention. By visiting Google and typing in my name you should find my BBC link and my comments about the Maverick flying car.

    You should also be able to find me on Facebook by searching for:

    Maverick flying car

    plane driven

    BMW i3

    Chevrolet Tahoe

    autonomous robots

    Lincoln Navigator

    martian rovers

    Kepler 22-b


  2. Jeremy the S&S Precision Stalker MPTV received Federal Aviation Administration certification on or about July 2013 and it is in production.


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