A Call To The Tactical Nylon Industry !


The overwhelming majority of professionals working in the defense sector and tactical industry are gentlemen. Worldly individuals with strength of character and a great deal of class. The mere thought of disarray is vulgar to these men. They are leaders in their field, Larry Vickers, Pat Rogers, Mil-Spec Monkey, Military Moron, Rick Taylor,  Soldier Systems Daily, Chris Costa, Travis Haley; I can go on and on. I too am in that group yet I’m caught in the horns of this dilemma.

I carry in my pack, a small Craftsman socket set; it comes in VERY handy for a variety of things – not too heavy and complete enough to do the job. However, its case was made by some lackluster minor functionary and I have yet to open it to find an orderly assortment of sockets. Now, I’m a reasonably intelligent man; therefore, I don’t need lettering to tell me what size socket goes under the lame elastic, which is looser than a Bogotá hooker.

Furthermore, there is not one respectable yacht club in North America  that would not expel you immediately. If I were to show up at one of Pat Roger’s classes with a tool kit that looks like that, he would immediately bestow me with his infamous moose cock patch. It is simply an outrage!

Surely, someone in the tactical nylon business can come up with a MOLLE compatible pouch, suitable for gentlemen. I have scoured the planet and have yet to find anything.

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