Snapzoom–Any Smartphone on any Optic

By: Sal Palma

There’s no question that tactical application of notepads and smartphones is increasing at a rapid rate. These devices have added layers of capability previously missing from ISR (Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance). The iPhone and iPad, due to its ubiquitous distribution, has enjoyed center stage for a couple of years; yet we know that the iOS operating system many not be the most suitable platform upon which to build ISR tools. In fact, system integrators have generally built mounts and a host of other equipment with only the iPhone in mind. A story that is about to change to everyone’s benefit.



A couple of young guys, Daniel Fujikake and Mac Nguyen, from our beautiful Aloha State of Hawaii, have developed and patented a product they will soon be marketing by the name of Snapzoom. The first production models should be rolling off the line later this summer. I’m unsure if Daniel and Mac are taking advanced orders but I’d get in line sooner than later.

The Snapzoom universal smartphone scope adapter is a mounting device that allows any smartphone to be mounted to any optical device. Individuals and agencies that prefer using an Android device will no longer be constrained to the iPhone. Snapzoom will also make things considerably easier for developers who can now design for function and not form.


We’ll keep you posted on its development and availability. I have no doubts that Snapzoom is hot!

Contact: Snapzoom

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