TF3 High Speed Body Armor–For Your Airsoft Tier 1 Operator

Talk about some git-down with the git-down, did I just date myself? For about $80 you too can live the dream. Yes, that’s right, you and your team move quietly through a wooded area when all of the sudden the place explodes. BB’s flying in every direction. You recognize that your team is disoriented and panic firing. You take control of the situation and start laying down grazing fire while ordering your disoriented team to flank the objective. In a matter of minutes, your skinhead, waxed and tattooed special operators defeat the enemy combatants. As you congratulate one another, you know it would not have been possible without your TF3 High Speed Body Armor, complete with ITW Fast-Mags, PAL webbing and  AustriAlpin buckles throughout.


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