MARINES Order Modification Of The USMC Pack System

The USMC Pack System has been in service since 2012. After completing several modifications, the solicitation for the USMC Pack System went out in 2011. It replaces the Improved Load Bearing Equipment or ILBE. The USMC Pack System is manufactured by two contractors, Propper International and Eagle Industries.

The USMC’s PDMICE, Product Manager Infantry Combat Equipment has order a modification to some of the Eagle Industries’’ packs. No action is required with packs manufactured by Propper International. The modification order applies only to a select group of Eagle Industries’ packs – not all.

Lot numbers EM 001 through EM135 require the complete modification, which entails replacing both top buckle adapters and quick release adapters. Lot numbers EM 136 through EM 211 require replacing only the top buckle adapters.

The modifications do not require depot maintenance and can easily be implemented by the user.

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    if i don’t understand this video does that mean i can join the marine corp?

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