An Open Letter To Edward Snowden

Mr. Snowden:

I have pondered over your actions since news of your leaks broke and I must say, to you, that nothing you’ve done fills me with national pride or patriotism. The only conclusion I can reasonably come to is that you’re incredibly naive or a complete hypocrite.

What you have done Mr. Snowden is set yourself up as the singular judge and jury over the legality and authority of operations approved by elected officials; you then offend us further by rationalizing your egregious conduct under the guise of patriotism –“I’m an America.” I am repulsed by that argument.

I have no issue with your ideology; however,  I do have a problem with the fact that you have stolen sensitive information, which is government property. Furthermore Mr. Snowden, you’ve compromised the covenants of your security clearance; all the while accepting compensation from your employer, whom you’ve equally disgraced.

If you are indeed the caped crusader you claim to be, why not simply resign your position then pursue your cause as a concerned citizen. Instead you chose to disclose classified information placing the Unites States and its partners in jeopardy.

Mr. Snowden, you may or may not know this, but military and intelligence personnel have risked life and limb, since 9/11, to provide the seed intelligence needed to begin mapping jihadist cells operating globally. Moreover Mr. Snowden, you know perfectly well that individuals having no previous contact with law enforcement and intelligence agencies are being radicalized and motivated to act against the interests of the United States and its global partners. How do you prevent those individuals from acting against our national interests?

Mr. Snowden, no one cares that you and your significant other are exchanging photographs of your genitalia. However, we do care that a cell phone or satellite phone recovered from a raid on an AQ camp has placed 10 or 20 calls to phones in the EU or USA. Is it not logical to ascertain who is associated with those phone numbers, and furthermore who they’ve in turn communicate with. Processing of call records is essential to establish those linkages don’t you think. What in your mind is offensive about using sniffers to identify communications specific to certain activities, like bomb making?

I wonder what you would say to the 9/11 windows and orphans? How many more Boston(s), London and Madrid would you like to see? How do you prevent critical infrastructure from being destroyed? How does that happen Mr. Snowden?

Mr. Snowden, I listend to your father’s plea this morning. Take his advice seriously. In the meantime, I feel much safer with the NSA and its practices than with your phony patriotism.


Sal Palma

Twobirds Flying Publication

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