Command Arms Accessories Introduces MSE-IL Reflex Sights


Command Arms Accessories (CAA) will begin offering the MSE-IL AQC (Accurate Quick Chot) family of sights. The AQC family of sights offer a number of features currently not available from other manufacturers. Some of those features include:

  • Every AQC sight comes with three different reticles: first- for CQB (quick shooting), second –open terrain/ long distance/small targets (accurate shooting) and third – a red dot for shooter’s preference.
  • The reticles have four brightness levels for day light and four brightness levels for night that can be used with any night vision optics, the brightness level choices are specifically effective in urban warfare situations even when the operator is inside of a dark room and targets are in bright sunlight.
  • All MSE sights feature the sharpest, most circular red dot available today with a 1.7 MOA and providing a 2” dot at 109 yards. Largest rectangular window (1.377” x 1.18” or 1.33” x 0.984.”) of any reflex sight today provides a wider field of view and quicker target acquisition. – See more at:

MSE-IL AQC Reflex Sights
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