Our First Jackass of the Year Nominee

2013 will be the third year that we sponsor a “Jackass of the Year” award. Readers seem to like it and we get suggestions of political figures, celebrities, porn stars; you name it. This year our first nominee is none other than … “drum roll”

You guessed it, Edward Snowden…

snowden--2013 Jackass of the Year Nominee

We couldn’t agree more. This guy deserves a special place in U.S. history. In our view he personifies everything that is cheesy with the iPhone Generation. In contrast, there are so many great young kids out there serving in the military, or contributing to others and their communities. Edward Snowden offends them and everything that they do or stand for.

Eddie, the next time you run across a disabled Afghan or Iraq veteran let them know how much of a patriot you are bro. Were I Vladimir Putin, I wouldn’t allow a Venezuelan flight in Russian Airspace.

Eddie, come home…

We won’t know that he’ll have what it takes to clinch the top spot from other nominees, but it’s looking pretty good for Snowden walking away with “Jackass of the Year.”

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