Bushnell Outdoors’ PowerSync–Outstanding Solution For Your Powered Devices.

2013-07-13 22.35.35

I’m working diligently on a review of Bushell®’s POWERSYNC™. Over the next two weeks I’ll be taking advantage of  this nasty weather to assess ruggedness and susceptibility to environmental factors like rain. I am thoroughly impressed with its performance thus far; certainly enough to suggest that you take a very close look at it. POWERSYNC™ charges from an A.C. outlet or solar panel; weighs next to nothing, fits into a 7.62 suppressor pouch, and will continue to charge even if some of the solar panels are damaged.

If you carry a smartphone, GPS or notebook, you’ll want to add a POWERSYNC™ to your kit. M.S.R.P will vary with the model you choose. Be sure to catch my review and I’ll take you through all of the details…

The blinking LED indicates that PowerSync™  is charging from the solar panel.

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