I picked up on this from our friends over at SSD. It has to be one of the more ingenious products that I’ve come across in quite a while. The TacLace was developed by two Marines during an Afghanistan deployment.

So, just what is a TacLace? If you’ve ever worn boots for work or outdoors you know there is a propensity for boot laces to come undone; loosing ankle support and creating a safety hazard to boot (not being facetious here). Hence, the TacLace was born. And, in the process, cinching in my mind the concept that “necessity is the mother of invention”. The brilliance behind this product is its simplicity and the fact it performs very useful services – put on your boots faster and keep your laces secure. The only requirement is that you equip your boots with longer shoe laces. Not a heck of a lot to ask.

Do check these out and while you’re at it watch the video…

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